Aqara DJT11LM rule for Garage Door?


I've got a few of these and seem useful for a lot of potential applications due to vibration, tilt, acceleration, etc. I'm using the aqara device drivers (thank you!) and they seem to be working. The device generates events based on movement. The driver also allows for a "closed" and "open" position setting that generate correct events when attached to my garage door.

However, I don't see how to properly apply the device events to a rule. There's no option to trigger based on an "open" or "closed" event associated with the sensor.

Can someone recommend a solution for using the events from this sensor to detect when my garage door is open?


The open / close events for my Aqara Vibration Sensor device driver are associated with the Contact sensor capability, so you would need to use that in Rule Machine or other apps:

and then build your actions:

You could also use contact open as a trigger or for a triggered rule


THANK YOU! I had previously tried that and it didn't work, but now realize it's because I hadn't setup the vibration sensor for open and closed settings -- duh... Thanks again and it's now working exactly as you suggested!