Aqara D100 Zigbee Door Lock

Anyone know if there is a driver for this lock? It's Aqara brand which I know there are drivers supporting their motion sensors etc, but I can't seem to find any driver for this lock.

It also has zigbee so I am pretty sure it should be able to connect to hubitat hub.

Thanks in advance!

It also has zigbee so I am pretty sure it should be able to connect to hubitat hub

Yeah but it's also Aqara which in my experience and that of many others can destabilise your Hubitat zigbee mesh. I'd avoid unless you have a separate hub to put your aqara devices on. I have, after trying them on the same hub.

DEATH TO AQARA!!!!... Seriously just avoid Aqara. Everything may seem ok but eventually weird quirks pop up that just can't be explained.

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Aqara is a proprietary closed system. You need an Aqara Zigbee hub to communicate directly to these complex and security-enabled devices, such as door locks. As far as I know, the only official Aqara integration where the lock can be used is the Apple HomeKit.

For almost all other Aqara Zigbee devices (different than locks) it is relatively easy to reverse-engineer the Aqara Zigbee communication protocol, hence we have unofficial / community-created drivers for Aqara Zigbee products. The locks are in another security category, so I don't expect direct Zigbee communication to be ever possible in the near future.



@user2263 - as a general rule of thumb, if an Aqara zigbee product is supported by zigbee2mqtt, it is likely that someone clever, like @kkossev, can write a Hubitat driver.

alright, noted on that thanks everyone for the replies! Guess i will have to use their own hub then to have some automations. I bought their Aqara G3 too thinking they can work with hubitat since they are on zigbee, guess i was wrong to think it's all the same. :frowning:

I'm also VERY interested!
Especially now that the Aqara Smart Lock D100 is out.
I really want to get my hands on this one, but we need the drivers for everything to work smoothly with Hubitat.

:smiley: :pray:

This is unlikely. The newer Aqara locks use of proprietary encryption and clusters so it is next to impossible for a generic zigbee coordinator (like zigbee2mqtt or Hubitat) to control them.

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