Aqara A100 Zigbee Smart Lock

Anyone know if an Aqara A100 Zigbee Smart Lock will integrate? And if so what driver?

Aqara A100 uses proprietary encryption to communicate over Zigbee and can not be controlled directly by any Zigbee hubs other than Aqara.

A very limited functionality is available when paired to Apple HomeKit.

Personally, I would never trust an Aqara device for home security such as a lock.

I had two Aqara devices connected to my C7 mesh, but I had to replace four older smart plugs that were acting as repeaters before the Aqara devices would connect and stay connected. When I migrated from C7 to C8, one of the two devices dropped off the mesh and would not reconnect, so I replaced it with a Tuya sensor. Maybe it will work after all the bugs in the C8 firmware are fixed.

The Aqara devices do not play well enough with Hubitat to trust it for critical applications. It might be fine if you want to use it with the Aqara hub or if you want to use it with an iPhone.