Apps Not Logging Events

I have Basic Rules, Motion and Mode Lighting Apps, and Rule Machine 5.1 apps with rules configured for logging but when I go to events the table is 100% empty. Some of the rules are running just fine because I physically see the actions. Some of the rules have been in place for a year or longer. I’m trying to troubleshoot a Rule Machine 5.1 that should, but isn’t, fire when the mode changes, but I have no events in the log. Any ideas of ways to troubleshoot absent event logs?

Where is this events table? If you keep a log window open (click on "Logs" in the side-bar", then logs from currently executing apps/rules will appear under "Current logs". Logs from previous executions will appear under "Past logs"

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The events table is viewed by opening a Rule Machine rule, clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and then click on events.

I found where the logs are, but didn’t see any for the Rule Machine rules.

You must enable the logging in each instance (rule). See Enable Logging section in the following document: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices - Hubitat Documentation

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Logging for Events, Triggers, and Actions have been on the whole time. Is there an easy way to find the rules AppID so I can filter logs for it?

I did a soft reboot yesterday but the problem still persists. Interestingly, my past logs only show 1 log entry, but there should be multiple in a 24/48 hour period. The events table for the Mode Manager app does show events for the past 3 days.

There are different ways to get the app id. You can hover over the app on the Apps page and it will show the app id at the bottom of the screen:

or in the address bar of your browser:


This is odd, and cannot replicate the problem. Can you post a screenshot of the Mode Manager app as well as the top portion of your past logs?

After the soft reboot, I went and disabled all of app and device debug logging to decrease the amount of entries. I also changed my rule trigger from mode change to a certain time (midnight). Reviewing the logs this morning I see that Rule Machine 5.1 rule fired as intended and everything worked. I don’t see a reason to move the trigger back to mode change when that mode is also set statically at midnight.

I was using the iOS app and those options for finding the AppID were not present. I ended up copying a link to the app and then pasting it somewhere else so I could see the AppID.

After the soft reboot, all of the expected logs are showing for the mode manager. I’m also unable to duplicate now. Likely just a PEBCAC error.

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