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I’m looking to move to that next step in my HE journey.

There are many, many much smarter than myself persons here that create some wonderful apps. However, I’m a bit more remedial, and when I look through 300+ post development threads, I’m still trying to figure out how I would use it.

I guess my request is, is there any others that would see benefit in adding a ‘use cases’ section to application threads, something that can easily be searched on in whatever development thread is used? Or, is it all there or in the GitHub, and I just don’t know what I’m looking at. :slight_smile:


I would start by simply trying to scratch your own itch. Come back and ask for help if you get stuck. We'll be here to help.

If you're just looking for ideas, you could browse Here's a cool thing I did! - Hubitat for ideas.


Perhaps I just don't understand the request at hand, but most developers who post about their apps (or drivers) do describe their purpose and possible uses. A search in the forum (which can be restricicted to just specific categories or tags, though there's no guarantee where anyone posted what) may help.

But if it doesn't...just ask! :smiley: Lots of people here are happy to share what they know and can point you to a built-in or custom option to create a specific automation you have in mind.

There are also some great threads with ideas/use-cases, many achievable with RM and not needing an 'app'.


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You can write any rule you want as an app.. maybe try a simple motion or timed lighting app? Yes I know this can be done with RM but it should give the some idea as to what you can do..

edit: I meant using specific devices not necessarily making it generic (yet)..

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