Application Dashboard has "404 Not Found" message

The newest release ( 1.6.0 ) of the mobile application has added a "devices" button which is working after you assign devices to "rooms" but now the "Dashboard" button has a "404 Not Found" error message. I think it has something to do with me having to reboot my hub and now has a different IP address but I am wondering if anyone else has seen this problem.

I used my mobile data for remote access and now it is working. But when switching back to local wifi, it has "404 Not Found" message again.

You really should either give your hub a stitic IP outside of your DHCP scope or assign a DHCP reservation for your hubs MAC address on your router so that the hubs IP never changes again as there are a number of integrations you may want to use down the road that require it to never change and it will keep the app from having issues too.

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I did. My cheap subnet router seems to allow it to get another IP address anyway. It works 9 of 10 times and keeps it the same but the 1 in 10 it changes. Better now it is on a subnet.

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OK, Figured it out. Logging out of the application and re-logging into Hubitat fixed the issue.

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