Apple Warning/Verfication of location access for Hubitat app

I run the Hubitat app on both my iPhone and my iPad. In both cases, I have configured it to allow for location data access always.

I know Apple has updated there IOS/iPadOS to give some warnings about when and were an app has accessed the location. The warning screen looks something like this:

I have been having a situation where I get this type of a popup on my iPad a few times every week, maybe even a few times a day. The app identied is always the Hubitat app.

Here is the weird thing. It gives me just enough time to scan the popup to see that it is the Hubitat app, but before I can look at the locations on the map and before I tap either Change to Only While Using or Always Allow, the entire thing goes away.

Any idea how I can fix this so that the iPad believes me when I say, Always?
The other strange note is that if I ever got this popup on my iPhone, it happened once and seems content with the answer I gave.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Hubitat > Always

That is how it was already set. Yet I get the popup.

Do you have Enable Geofence set to enabled in the Hubitat app on your iPad and do you need it enabled? I have it only enabled on my iPhone but not my iPads as they never leave the house nor would I want to use them for presence location.

Itโ€™s not a bug, Apple calls it a feature. They added it about 6mo ago. They want to make sure you have the opportunity to change your mind. I think itโ€™s horrible but there is nothing you can do. After you accept it enough times it eventually stops asking. Apple is a PITA sometimes.

I am familiar with the way it asked about a bunch of apps when it first rolled out. My problem is that it pops up and then disappears before I can interact with it.

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