Apple HomeKit "Crash" Bug

Hi @bobbyD - lately I'm seeing a HomeKit issue where the app appears to be working, but my devices will show "no response". Restarting the Integration does not resolve the issue and I need to reboot my hub to fix it.

Eg: (ignore the working items, they are in HomeBridge)

I see that No Response on devices in HomeKit when the Adv. Hue Integration app loses connectivity with the Hue hub (everything in Hue is brought into Homekit by Hubitat). A small rule waits for the disconnect and then does a refresh to get it back.

With that in mind, I can't quite make sense of what's happening to you, since I gather the devices with No Response are installed directly into HomeKit.

Exactly. I don’t run Philips hue on my primary hub either.

Noticed the same issue on my hub as well. I've been running HomeKit for several months without issue.

After I rebooted (to get HomeKit working again), I enabled this setting:


After configuring this setting, the issue seems to have gone away. I do find it a bit odd that I had to enable this setting after all these months. Not sure what may have changed on my end - setup is simple. I have two virtual switches I've defined in Hubitat for use take advantage of HomeKit's presence detection.

Hmm, I had previously turned that setting off because it seemed to make the service less reliable.

I’ll try turning it on and see what happens.

Are you running iOS and tvOS/audioOS 17? I haven’t had this happen in quite a while, but I’ve been on 17 for everything all summer. Also, don’t go too crazy trying to fix it. The next HE firmware may resolve it for you.

I’m running iOS 17 beta 9 on my phone, but my HomePods are all running production firmware.

The betas have all been solid for me.

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I’ve had a couple of minor issues, but nothing homekit related.

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