Apparently spare endpoint on multi-endpoint device

I have successfully paired a Xenon 4-gang + 2 USB extension lead using the Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch driver.

It has endpoints EP01 - EP05 which control each of the 4 main outlets and the two USBs together. Then there is endpoint EPF2 which doesn't appear to do anything. Does anyone have any idea what an apparently spare endpoint might be for? It's not causing any problems, I am just curious.

I have one of these strips as well.
I've just ignored it as it does nothing. :man_shrugging:

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it seems many of the tuya variant multi endpoint devices have this endpoint, which likely has a specific use when using the tuya bridge. The original driver ignores this endpoint if the manufacturer is _TZ3000_hdlpifbk, however tuya seems to change the manufacturer for every white label device they make, so we will never be able to keep up with which cases to ignore or not...