App unresponsive, no Geofence

Once I start the app it just hangs and doesn't respond! Also geofencing isn't working and my automatons which rely on it doesn't work.
Is there any timeline when there will be an iOS app, which does geofencing reliable, doesn't decide to crash when it decides to switch to cloud, even it's on WiFi or respects Cancel when it's notifying for the switch..

At the moment i'm thinking about switching back to ST, also because of this mess of an app, and for various other reasons of this platform..

Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the iOS app?

If the app is not working, as @Brandon stated I would uninstall/reinstall. If Geo-fence (or notifications) are not working, you may also need to remove the virtual device from the hub. I would recommend you uninstall app, remove virtual device from hub, reinstall app, sign-in as registered users, create new virtual device.

Also if you are heavily dependent on presence triggered rules, I'd suggest having at least two methods of detection for redundancy. Consider a key-fab presence sensor, Life360, or one of many others.

Once completed and working again, sit back with a cup of your favorite beverage, and read this brief post on the Early History of Hubitat. Like me, it may give you an appreciation for the youth of this hub, and with that knowledge possibly be more acceptant of it's short term flaws.

In the end if you feel ST is the better choice for you, you can move everything back, or use HubConnect to integrate both hubs and find your own middle ground.

The mobile app is less than ideal, but if you have time I would think about investing in homebridge and using the home app for iOS. It's a good amount of setup to get up and running (plenty of links and help on this forum to help (and people!). I use the geofence for Apple Home and trigger some virtual switches in Hubitat. I have had virtually no issues with this except if my Mac unexpectedly powered down. I am solving that problem by setting up a raspberry pi to host homebridge thought. Good luck and I'm sure everyone here is more than willing to help you out!

No, I didn’t reinstalled the app. The last time I had to do it, because the app had issues, created a new device Id and I had to edit my rules which referred to it. Not the most funniest part and I try to avoid it whenever possible. I already have backup device for geofencing, but not assigned to every rule..
But to be honest: why does other apps handle geofencing better and more reliable or don’t kick the bucket with an updated iOS version?

Unrelated to the app, I like Hubitat, but the constant slowdowns after a week of uptime is also something.. example: I have a simple rule to switch of my AV stuff and power of the lights in the living room and change color in the bedroom. It‘s triggered by a hue switch: the rule execution is fine for a week and than the start and execution gets slower and slower, until I reboot.

I cannot answer that, or chose not to comment :wink:

Create a virtual "Group" called "presence detectors" and put all your devices in it. Map all your rules to the Group, and then you can change them out quickly and freely.

That same discussion just happened here, but about dashboards slowing. In order to troubleshot slow downs you would need to eliminate all the variable not just blame a symptom. If your getting a week, your doing better than me. I run lots of 3rd party apps/drivers, and heavily coded dashboards. I do not hold it against my hubs. I do daily automated reboots.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled and verified that the android app allows you to pick a previous presence device or a new device (same on an iOS device). You would just select the previous device and it will link it back. As long as you don't delete the device on your hub you should be good.

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It does "let" you, but I would not do it. Well OK how about, if you do, and it doesn't fix the problem, at least don't complain until you go through the process without skipping steps, hows that? :wink: :laughing:

I tried 3 times with my wife's and until I did the entire process listed above, it did not fix Geo or notifications.

Oh, ok.. i think that was with the old app, I will give it a whirl.

Notifications broke when I updated iOS on an iPad. I was able to resolve by uninstalling the app and reselecting the previous device during setup after reinstalling the app. Of course if it doesn't work it doesn't hurt to try removing the device from rules and deleting and recreating the device during login to the app, but as a first step I would recommend just linking the previous device after an uninstall. I know it worked for me and another user I recently suggested this to.

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Totally agree, always try the quick way first. Just know it is the quick easy way, and be ready to go the long dirty way if needed. If needed, consider using groups on the rebuild to make future changes (new phones) easier to swap in/out.

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This appears to be a common complaint over the iOS app at least.. I know for myself the geozone for the HE app is flaky at the least. I have had rules fire off cause the geozone change while my phone is sitting on my end table and in standby not even begin touched.. I am currently testing out the iPhone WiFi Presence sensor driver AND the geozone driver tied together with the Combined Presence Monitor to "HOPEFULLY" make my presence more accurate, but my verdict is still out on this. If this doesn't work out I'm going to try the homebridge option that @rich.h talks about. I'm probably going to add it to my RPi and see how homebridge works that way since its a lowpower machine that I currently have on 24/7/365 for other reasons, if it's too much i do have an old Mac mini as an alternative machine to try it on.

@Tapetenhobel, I totally understand your frustration and understand the problems you're having. I migrated from Wink a few months ago and on that platform I never had the geozone issues (but i had plenty of others lol). So do what you think is best for you and your setup, but personally I would follow what they peeps on here advise they are far more wise at this and maybe with the community's help you can find a workable option, and we can continue to hope HE app designer finds a better fix for the App in the future, near future hopefully!!