App that combs through all devices

Hi all,

I've tried a few ways to get a list of all of my devices with no luck. Is there a way for an App or Device to get a list of all devices, and then ask those devices if they have a specific attribute, or find out their device type

Anyone have code for that?


And it was added to HPM yesterday too. :slight_smile:


Out of pure curiosity, what are you trying to do?

If it's a bit of code hint you're after then this input statement will list them all - they all have to be manually enabled in your app to use them, so an input is required. You can then do a for .. each on the enabled devices within listAll

input "listAll", "capability.*",hideWhenEmpty: true, title: "<b>List all devices</b>", multiple: true, required: false

Thanks all, I was able to manipulate csteeles code to do what I want.

Basically, my ZWave devices can fall out of sync in Hubitat. Mainly, this seems due to them not being refreshed as I found as soon as I go into the Device and refresh things catch up. I have 70 ZWave devices and sometimes we just don't use a switch for awhile or physically push the button.

So my app takes CSteeles device list, and sends a refresh command every 3 minutes. Looks like it's working so far, I'll have to keep an eye on my Dashboards and see if things look synched.

Thanks for the help.