APP REQ: web table of periodic Temp/Humidity values

perhaps I can build this myself...

looking for a way to display a bare-bones internal web page, that can be loaded when desired, to show the temperature and humidity readings for several Sonoff sensors, taken say, every hour, ongoing...

need to poll, log, and convert to HTML somehow...


How far back do you want to go? This would be easy-ish to write an app to display, whether it reads your device history (if there's enough on the device) or subscribes to and stores some history internally (I'd avoid using Hubitat as a storage system, but a little bit is probably OK). Hubigraphs is a community offering that can do either but I don't think gives you the exact display you're looking for--a graph/chart, not a table of actual numbers that it sounds like you want.

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ooh, let me look at Hubigraph, thanks for the tip!

it's for different areas of a greenhouse, and I'd like to be able to pull up:

one day
one week
one month

graphs might be just fine too!

for temp and humidity, for several separated sensors. I can SET the system for what I'd like, but want to see how things drift up and down slightly, based on other factors (ambient conditions, sunlight entry, ground heat sink, etc)

just for future reference/ hobby/ business, to try to corelate conditions to growth results, etc.

Hubigraph is going to be MORE than enough; nice work, @thomas.c.howard ! Now digging in, lots to configure, wow...

and thanks for the tip, @bertabcd1234 !

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