App not selecting local when I’m actually at home

How does the app determine whether to use the local or cloud based dashboards? It seems to always default to cloud even when I try to change it to local. I thought the new update was supposed to auto detect which to use. Also the icons are not very clear. I can guess but I’m not sure if pressing the house icon is meant to change it to local or is showing me the current state. I can only make a guess based on speed and the plus icon to allow for creation of a dashboard.

Overall, the performance is still very lacking.

It's supposed to choose local when you are connected to your home wifi. So, if your device is turning off the wifi radio to save power it might be setting to cloud.

As I experience it it checks for any wifi and tries that if it doesn't work it switches to cloud. And every time wifi is off or not connected is switches to cloud.

But I would love it if they make an option to manually set it to a fixed presence so it stops switching at all. Because I have a persistent connection to VPN at home so I don't ever want it to switch. But it still does when my wifi disconnects.