App missing after installing (Homebridge V2)


Can anyone point to what I am doing wrong. I have installed the Homebridge V2 but it never appears in the Apps section. I removed it, repaired it, reinstalled it through the Github url and not the Package manager. but still no luck.

How can I install this app? I mean It seems to be there (in a way), If I go to the repair section in the package manager it does offer me the option to repair it however it never shows up in the Apps list

Thank you

Did you go to Apps > Add User App to add an instance of it? An import from GitHub or an install from HPM just adds the app code. The rest is up to you.

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I am extremely embarrassed. I don't know why I kept going in loop and skipping this step.
Thank you for enlightening a noob!


It's what everyone is here for!

Yup we are all here to feel embarrassed periodically. :grinning:

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Or in my case im often embarassed


Thank you guys!!