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I have an app I'm using to do some webhooks (I did not develop the app). The app is dependent on some child device switches. When a switch is toggled, the app does some webhooks. Occasionally, one of the webhooks will fail due to authentication errors with the site.

I was hoping to set a repeat action rule to toggle the switch until a success from the webhook (logged via the app logs), but I can't figure out how to set the condition in the rule. Looks like all event based data that can be used is for devices.

Am I missing something or is this not an option?

Rule Machine cannot act on Logs, no, but that sounds like something that other app could do (by acting on the actual response, not logs, since it should know and that is presumably why it's writing to logs).

Depending on how the webhook works, you could also use Rule Machine for the whole thing--for example, you can send an HTTP GET within a rule, assign that response to a variable, then examine the response/variable and takes whatever actions you want (or not) afterwards.

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Appreciate it. That's kind of what I figured. Unfortunately, the app isn't being maintained any longer. I know enough about Groovy to make little tweaks but not to write from scratch. Might be time to try taking a deeper dive.

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