App Link on Your Dashboard

Give it a try on macOS. This page from VLC is pretty generic, so it may just work there:

(note that I just posted that as a similar example to show that it wasn't marked as only supported on certain environments. so, I would try the original, longer command above on macOS to see if it works)

thanks so much!! :crossed_fingers: I can get it working.

might be silly question, but what is the difference between this VLC method and your Protect integration method you outlined in other threads?

why would someone prefer one method over the other ?


This transcoding method gets video into mjpeg format that you can put on a dashboard tile (or view in a browser, etc). You don't need an integration otherwise if that is all you want.

My integration does motion detection, smart motion detect (if supported), button presses from the doorbell, LCD messages, snapshots from cameras, and other things I am probably forgetting. But it doesn't do video streaming.

So, they're complementary to each other and you could use both depending on your needs.

wow thanks for the explanation, super helpful.
maybe I will try them together.

where is the best spot to find the full instructions of your method ?

I am very new to this so want to make sure I don't miss nothing with it :+1:

I linked to the code on GitHub in this post, which has configuration instructions: Ubiquiti Unifi Protect cameras - #37 by tomw

There's also discussion in that thread after my post about the progress when adding various features.

It's pretty easy to set up. I recommend installing using Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) and then configuring and using it as described in my readme. Let me know in the other thread if you have any issues.

Thank you for all the help so far! Greatly appreciated, I will be sure to post if I run into any issues along the way!


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