App disappearing


Something weird seems to happen under some set of conditions to my current app (LIFX LAN protocol support for HE).

This has been noticed both by myself and a tester: Under some circumstance the app seems to disappear from the Apps page - it's not 100% clear yet whether the app is still loaded in memory. Unfortunately, so far, it's only occurred one for each of us

My question is: Are there any known causes for an app to disappear without its uninstalled() method being called. Anything I should look out for?

In case it's important the app creates several child devices, which in turn depend upon the app for common code.

Are there certain functions that should never be allowed to throw exceptions?


Would this be a parent-child app? I observed the same thing on Saturday and reported it to support on Sunday. In my case the child app was present and functional, could be reached by direct URL, but was not associated with the parent app, nor was it able to call any functions in the parent.

I wound up deleting and re-creating. We'll see how long it holds.


Parent app with child devices. BTW this is with 2.0.4 (at least here) - waiting for Xiaomi driver update before upgrading to 2.0.5


I may have worked out what was happening here - forgetting to hit the Done button!

At least that's what happened for me. It was definitely still loaded in memory, and functional (the code being used by the child devices), but no way to reach it.