App: Device Tracker, Multiple Device On/Off Times, On Counts, Notifier, Battery Levels, Switches, Contacts, Temperatures, Power, etc.. With variables access

I don't care for the table to update. Just the device to refresh the duration when it turns off, but it that already happens then that's great.

Should I set a small delay after the device turns off before inserting the variable into a notification?

That might be best, maybe try 1 or 2sec delay.

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@csteele has good documentation for developers at HPM Documentation as well as tool to help you create the manifest file.

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@kampto Once you've created your initial repository and have it registered with HPM, you could use the HPM Manifest Generator (in HPM or at to simplify the creation of the manifest contents and create an update for the repository.


Sweet. I just set this up to track runtime of my furnace fan for filter changes.

Looking forward to it in HPM for ease of updates!

Will work on getting into HPM this weekend.

So, if you tracking a device time on till service needed, would a notification when that time is reached be a helpful addition to the app?


I think that would be handy!

I've never tracked hours on my furnace, but it was a thought I had last week when I changed the filter. Mine takes those really thick, expensive filters. I check it every couple months but rarely needs changed. I'd be curious to see how many hours I get over time.

Is there a limit in your script where it'll quit counting or numbers will roll over?

Been meaning to find something like this for years but kept forgetting. :slight_smile:

I can think of some use cases. HVAC filters are one for sure

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Added push notifications for devices. Ver 1.3.0. Getting on HPM is next.

If you get error on Previous installs(you might not) of devices child app, you might need to be removed and re-make since I added some more variables to the device hash map

Cumulative time wont roll over, will keep going unless you manually reset it or select a trigger to reset.

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OK, added Battery level capability. If your device reports a battery level it can be added to a table. Can see devices all at same time with; Max/Min values, current level, time since last reset (presumably when you changed battery last), set a Alarm threshhold to get a notification for low battery. Its the same app that can do all the other stuff. Get from github , see post #1, yeah not on HPM yet....

EXAMPLE table of Battery capability: note this has less then a day of time on it...

I find this better then using the 'Notifications app' for low alerts because here you can see the currents states and timelines.
Post up any issues, I tested it for 1 day.

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A couple updates for the Battery monitoring, Added Last Reporting so you can see if its still alive. Added auto reset option, so if you change battery it will auto reset the device stats.

Auto Reset stats:

I know I've asked this previously in relation to devices turning on/off, however this one is regarding power states.

Recently my washer and dryer RM rule stopped triggering on power change.

I'm attempting to use this app's power monitoring variable link to trigger these rule for my washer and dryer notifications.

Currently, I set the threshold to 50 watts within this app, so the rule will trigger when the power goes above 50 watts. I connected a string variable to the "State" field and changed the report variable update interval to 5 minutes. Is this the correct way to set this type of power monitoring?

How long will it take for the variable to update after the power goes above 50 watts? Since I set an update interval adjustment, is it 5 minutes after the power goes above the threshold, or 5 minutes after the power goes back below the threshold? I would like to trigger my rule within 5 minutes or less.

The variables update if the value has changed from previously variable value and the update interval is reached or you hit refresh on App page. So in your case every 5minutes assuming the max value is different then previous 5min ago.

The max value probably isn't the correct parameter to use as a trigger since it probably wont change much during the runtime of the device.

I would set up a 'number' variable for the periodic timer and check the "Reset at Active" checkbox for that device so the timer starts over every time your 50w threshold is reached.
Then use that variable in the rule to trigger if variable >200sec, App will update every 300sec(5min) or less if you set lower.

However I dont know why you cant just use rule machine to do all of this and use this Active Tracker app just to monitor things. I will post on your other thread about the rule.

I am going to take everyone's advice and re-create the rules again from scratch. Will post back to see if it fixes it. :crossed_fingers:

Added Humidity and Motion active capabilities. Ver 1.4.5


Looks like a great app.. but im getting an error..

Installed it as per instructions, and i get this error when trying to add child...

App type not found for namespace: kampto and name: Device Time Active Tracker Child

im on C8 btw

You copied both the parent and child code from github to HE app code page?

oh, i didnt copy the child code. Didnt know I should include it

Yeah, copy both into the apps code section and save each. You should have both in there. Then go to apps, hit button on top right "+Add User App" and select it.