App configuration storage - Hubigraph URL location


I moved my Hubitat and now the IP address is different. Hubigraph, and perhaps other apps, talk directly to Hubitat with the local IP. I can see the IP address is wrong in the Application State named localEndpointURL and also in the app list configuration.

I cannot, however, find a way to edit these fields or find in in the code. Anyone know where they are stored? I tried using the reset token button but that did not help.


Generally get a quicker response by asking on the developer’s release thread or by tagging the developer: @thomas.c.howard

Is the previous IP no longer available? I would just go into your router and change it back. Then reserve that IP.

Thanks for your replies. I didn't think this is an issue with Hubigraph - it is just an example so I didn't use that thread. I moved Hubitat to another subnet so I prefer to have a different IP ...

However, I solved the problem!

Under the Apps selection, the Hubigraphs are listed together. Accessing each one at the bottom of the screen is a "Disable API" button. When it is re-enabled it resets the IP.

I thought I tried this before - not sure why it didn't work, or what I did different.