App broken with new iOS?

Hi all,

Anyone else having issues with the iOS app being completely broken in iOS 11.5? Release version never loads dashboard (often can’t click to open specific dashboard). Just loaded beta, and it’s about the same. Nothing works once app loads. Can’t click buttons, etc.

Anyone else having any issues or should I dig in further?

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Just deleted and reinstalled beta. Now buttons work. But app stuck “Loading Layout” of a Dashboard. :confused:

Is iOS 11.5 what you meant to say? I'm on 13.5 and it is working fine, but Apple also just released 13.5.1 which I have not yet upgraded to. Could you confirm your version of iOS?

Also, are you talking about local or cloud access to dashboards? More info will help see if others are having the problem. So far though I'm having no issues on 13.5.

Sorry, yes, 13.5. I finally got it kinda working but it still seems to take an awfully long time loading dashboard(s). It seems better since a hub reboot yesterday.

Cloud or local were both misbehaving. Will have a chance to do some more testing this afternoon.

I'm running the Beta app on 13.5 with no noticed issues. Have you tried rebooting your hub? Usually when I have seen it stuck at loading layout and it never gets to loading devices I have had to reboot my hub to get further although it usually affected more than just the app but any way I was using to view my dashboard like browsers too.

Out of curiosity, do you use the "Use all devices" option enabled on your dashboards?


I hate this option, because it seems so helpful since you don't have to list out all of the devices you want on the dashboard. However, it is well know to slow down dashboards. When I use that option my dashboards take 30-45 seconds to load. Without, it's 2-3.


Not sure where that option is, so can't say...

Dashboard I've been testing with only has 6 devices on it. But I do see all devices if I go to change what a button on the dashboard does.

Yup, that's likely your problem. Go to Apps -> then under Hubitat Dashboards you'll see your list of dashboards. Click on the offending Dashboard, uncheck that box and manually select the 6 devices. I bet that will help A LOT!

Alright, indeed, so far so good there.

Wish you could check that, assign devices, then uncheck it and have it recognize which devices you had already assigned. Would make designing a dashboard a heck of a lot easier.



I agree completely! Something like a button that says "Ok I'm done, now set this to the devices that I'm actually using on my dashboard"


Or just an edit button for a dashboard vs view. Edit would default show all devices, view wouldn't.

Some smart dev like @dman2306 should develop an app that looks at each dashes JSON and pulls out the device ID#s, and then uses those #s to somehow edit the allowed device to include only those numbered devices. (If nothing else how about generating a list of device in-use to make the selection easier for dashes with larger numbers of devices?)