App and driver porting to Hubitat


see I knew there was a reason I posted here instead of messing with it all day hahah Ill look into this new one as it sounds way more capable. Thanks for the link


Search is your friend :wink:


Yeah I've often said that to other people.. I guess I just got focused on porting over my existing handler instead of looking for a new project. hence how I found this thread haha. This integration works way better than my old one so thanks for the solid recommendation!


Would be nice to see this community post converted over to the new if that is the new home for official documentation.


Is it true that we are replace st with he? I vaguely recall seeing that a few weeks ago, but cant find it now, and st and he are too short on which to search.
such as this:
"st cmd 0x${device.deviceNetworkId} 0x12 0x0006 0x0 {}"


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remove ("any text")

Not supported
Change to paragraph "text"


findAllChildAppsByName('app name')
fails with
groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: app15434399313021801853038.findAllChildAppsByName() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [SHM Delay Simkypd Child] on line 1062 (keypadModeHandler)

ALso setting label name from an input setting does nothing
input "simkeypad", "device.InternetKeypad", multiple: false, required:true, submitOnChange: true, title: "Simulated Keypad Device"

	if (simkeypad)
			label title: "Profile name", defaultValue: "Profile: Ikpd: ${simkeypad}", required: false