Apostrophe Standardization

@bravenel @patrick I have noticed that apostrophe's entered via computer keyboard versus iOS device differ when setting a label on a device. This impacts the sort order of devices when viewing the list.

This would be ’ (typographic/slanted) vs ' (typewriter/straight)

Would it be possible to have the HE firmware standardize on one upon save?

For a base reference: ASCII and Unicode quotation marks

You want the U+2018 and U+2019 (aka curly/fancy quotes) to be converted to U+0027 the standard straight quote?

Not the grave accent U+0060 which is typically the key shared with "tilde" on a US keyboard.

A slanted quote aka grave accent is typically not considered the same as a single quote.

Correct or really a way to prevent the device list sort from being impacted by the apostrophe's. Thank you for the consideration!

This is a setting on your device.

In iOS

Settings > General > Keyboard > Disable Smart Punctuation

In MacOS

System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Uncheck Smart Quotes and Dashes

I noticed the same thing a while ago, but IIRC there was a recent thread in which @patrick mentioned that special characters, including apostrophes, should be avoided?

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