Apixu Driver

I can't seem to get this to work. I have the API key set and Im fairly certain I have everything set that I need to, but cant get it to work? It just reports temperature is 68 and doesnt change, regardless that its nowhere near 68.

Not sure where Im going wrong? Is there a detailed step-by-step somewhere?

I think that driver was pretty much abandoned after apixu changed their api terms to more severely restrict free use.

Try this driver instead:


Switch to DarkSky.


Oh wow, thanks!

Ill give this a try.


Ok, that seems to be pulling in current/correct data, but not seeing how I can display the 3 day forecast and other options its I see it reporting in the config on my dashboard?

You have to select that particular attribute when creating the tile. The 3 day attribute is "threedayfcstTile". So, Pick a Device(whatever device you created), Pick a template - attribute, then under pick an attribute you should see all the ones you selected in the darksky driver to display.

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I didn't get the Dark Sky to work at all, but this might be due to the fact that I'm in the EU. On the other hand the already included driver for OpenWeatherMap is running as it should, okay you'll need the API key but that's an easy fix.

Oh! I see, I was selecting Weather (my device) Weather (from template). Once I selected attribute all of them appeared in a drop down box!



Hi @Carl, I'm also in EU and have DarkSky runing without problems.

Remember, you need to have a DarkSky account in order to have your API Key (Dark Sky API: Log In)

Then, create a virtual device and put this API Key in the setup of this virtual device. You must have the DarkSky.net Weather Driver.

At the Dashboard, create a tile for this virtual device, pick the Attribute template and then, select threedayfcstTile (e.g.) and... Voilà!

Best regards, Angel

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Hi Angel,

I did a second try just now, and you're correct... it works! So I assume that I did something incorrect last time around. So for what it's worth, I can now make an average of the weather-data from both Dark Sky and OpenWeather and therefore maybe have a more accurate forecast! :wink:


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I got a 'we are no longer accepting signups'.

That’s because Darksky’s free API was also restricted in the last year and will go away entirely at some point too.

@Matthew wrote a similar driver for openweathermap integration, that would be the one to try these days.

You really should ask question about that driver in that driver's thread, not this thread.

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