Anyway to use custom commands in Motion Lighting App?

I have Echo Speaks app, which allows me to use the super useful "VoiceCmdAsText" custom command. This means I can ideally do this -

  • "when there is motion"
  • send custom command to my echo speaker - "turn on the lights"
  • wait till there is no motion for more than 15 mins
  • send custom command to my echo speaker - "turn off the lights"

This would nicely make Hubitat turn on the lights in that room.

Is there any clean way for me to use the Motion Lighting App to get the above working? It will be a pity if I need to engineer a rule, only because Motion Lighting App will not allow me to turn on light using custom command (I know I can perhaps do some convoluted setup such as create a virtual switch, and flip that, and then create a rule which monitors the switch, to send custom command...but that is what I am trying to avoid and keep it clean"

No, the only thing I can think of is the workaround you described--have Motion Lighting flip a switch, then create a rule triggered by that switch that does what you want. If your Motion Lighting setup isn't too complicated, you could just create the entire automation in RM instead; otherwise, if you do it with the (virtual) switch workaround, at least you've saved yourself the hassle of doing the whole thing as a rule. :slight_smile:


This would be my recommendation.