Anything need to be done after HPM updates drivers and apps?

I know when you switch drivers, you need to manually hit “Config”, but are there any steps that need to be done on devices after Hubitat Package Manager updates drivers? If so, is there an easy way to do it or automate it so you don’t have to go through dozens of drivers and hit Config on each one?

What about apps? When HPM updates an app, do you need to do anything like go in and hit save or anything else?


It's really app and driver dependent, and sometime situational; i.e. my app/driver may not normally need to have Configure (or similar) pushed, but I've just added a new feature that needs some start up processing to occur, so on this upgrade I need you to initiate it for me after updating.


As mentioned above, this depends on the app or driver. I've never written a driver that needs manual action after an update (though it can happen from time to time, depending on what the author changed). If any of my apps need something (usually open them and hit "Done" to re-run some initialization), I be sure to put it in the release notes, which HPM will display. I hope most authors do the same. So...that might help, at least if it's both done and read. :smiley:


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