Battery operated devices only make it to the list if used within the time frame of listing. They do not report constantly as plugged devices do.

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During my experience with the (SYMFONISK) IKEA
I have noticed that

  • every time I insert a battery it is never at 100%.
  • Every time I remove power
    1. it does not reconnect
    1. discharges the battery

What can I do?

Battery reporting is not reliable with this driver. I have three that I use on a daily basis and they report 2,5 (%?), 0,0 and 0,0 ??!! And they are working perfectly.

Yes, changing the battery requires re-discovering them. A pain in the ***.

In my case batteries easily last more than 6 months.

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Strange, mine is eating batteries like chocolate

Did you press “configure” on the device page when rejoining?

You are not the only one complaining from rapid battery discharge. The original post had repeated complains.

Some said it was for faulty units. Mine were bought at different times and have acceptable battery performance (still bad reporting).

I suggest you try a couple of things;

Rediscover the device and be sure you press configure rapidly once it is discovered (have the device page open before you start the discovery process).

Try discovering the device from the place you will use it, and not near the hub. (This sometimes works if your Zigbee network is strong and fast.)

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just for info

Mine have always reported battery level wrongly, but their battery lasts months. I currently have three of them used on a daily basis.

This is strange, although some people find them quite unreliable.

The Symfonisk Sound Controller just does not stay paired with HE, even with adequate IKEA repeaters. I moved mine to a ConBee 2 on HA and it’s been fine. Battery is still going after 2 months, but drain is still much higher than most button devices.

When joined to HE it was dead in a week.

I have to found some solution ...
Or someone need secondhand IKEA devices ?
Good price :joy:

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