Anyone tried the Xiaomi Aqara Mi Multifunction button

Link? I can't find a product by that name anywhere.

You mean these Mijia switches?

I have several. They’re great. And I do admit to forgetting about these when mentioning Xiaomi devices that play nice with HE. As long as you have some IKEA TRÅDFRI outlets to repeat their signal, they don’t drop, at least for me they don’t.

If you’re talking about this Aqara button, then no I haven’t tried it. I may be wrong, but I believe there are more button presses available with the Mijia button (a Switch as they confusingly call them).

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I have four of those as well. Work great. I've stuck them on Ikea Tradfri outlets to make it easy to turn the outlets on/off. It's a parasitic relationship - the outlets keep the buttons online, only to be controlled by the buttons :laughing:


Sorry but can't add links in my posts.
Maybe because I'm quite new to the forum.

Actually, these don't look the same as the ones I'm looking at.

They can be found on eBay under the title:
'Xiaomi AQara Smart Multi-Functional Intelligent Wireless Switch Key ZigBee'.

Sorry but can't insert links or pics into my posts yet.

Alternatively, they can be found on eBay using the item number: 282738590518


Found it. Yup, that works with Hubitat. Be aware that ALL your zigbee repeaters have to be Xiaomi Aqara/Mijia compatible for Aqara & Mijia devices to work stably with Hubitat.

I have all my Xiaomi devices on a separate Hubitat with 11 Tradfri Controlled Outlets and USB repeaters as zigbee repeaters. These are known to be Aqara compatible, and so far my Aqara devices have stayed connected (~5-6 months).

That’s the second one I posted. It’s the Aqara branded version.

Personal opinion, get the Xiaomi Mijia button.

I know it works perfectly, and it gives you 5 different clicks you can program, plus a hold. So a total of 6 different actions can be programmed.

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Same here. They just work. They're also a little smaller.

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When you’re ready, the driver that works with the Mijia button is here

Here’s a sale price on the Mijia buttons. I order from both Gearbest and Banggood. No issues and two week delivery is usually available (depends a lot on which warehouse it’s shipped from).

Here are the outlets that are compatible with Xiaomi and it is also Zigbee 3.0 so other battery devices play nicely with it to.

Just keep in mind, it you start introducing Xiaomi devices to your Zigbee network, you have to be very deliberate in your expansion. It you introduce a mains powered Zigbee device that repeats signals, it will cause issues with the Xiaomi devices, unless it’s a type that has been determined not to cause problems.

These include, but are not limited to IKEA TRÅDFRI outlets and dedicated repeaters, some very specific inline switches (see the threads for those) which are most popular where IKEA TRÅDFRI are not available. Xbee devices are compatible and Xiaomi devices will prefer them over other repeaters. Sengled bulbs and their new outlets will not cause an issue because they do not repeat signals at all.

Avoid all other bulbs directly connected to the hub with Xiaomi devices (and the general rule is to avoid direct bulb to HE hub pairing, Sengled being the exception). All Zigbee bulbs except Sengled will try to repeat signals, and although there are some edge cases where it’s not a problem for the owners, the vast majority of people will experience instability with their Zigbee networks if a bulb is paired together with Zigbee devices that are not bulbs. If they’re isolated on a second HE hub or a Hue bridge, the control can be as fast as directly paired to the hub. Zigbee bulbs will repeat signals for other Zigbee bulbs (not Sengled) without issue. Mixing with non-bulbs is where the issues arise.

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This is rock solid advice from @SmartHomePrimer. Strongly urge you to stick to it for Xiaomi devices to work stably with HE.

Hi, thanks for checking this out.
That all sounds great. I too have some Tradfri repeaters, so it's good to know they are compatible.
I feel confident in getting hold of a few of the bottoms and seeing how they get on.
Thanks, John

Ah right, missed the second link.
This is good great news.
Will also check out the Miijia button. That may be a better option from what you're saying.


Excellent, will definitely take as look.
I already have a couple of Xiaomi temperature sensors and they've worked well.

Thanks, John

This is very useful advice indeed.
I'll need to recollect which bulbs are paired to HE and which are connecting to HE through my Hue hub.
My initial thoughts on getting my HE hub, was to move bulbs away from my Hue hub but if this causes issues with certain bulbs, I'll look to move them onto the Hue hub.
I do have a few Innr bulbs, so these may be the ones to move from the HE hub to the Hue hub. Would you agree?

Thanks, John

Not familiar with the Innr bulbs, but I know the outlets pair with the bridge and can even be Hue repeaters. So the bulbs should also be Zigbee LL, and therefor compatible with the bridge.

The integration to Hue bridge via the HE is excellent with the Hue Integration app. This is how my smart lights are separated from the HE Zigbee radio, but fully integrated to my HE hub.

I see.
Think I'll move to isolate my ZigBee bulbs too in that way.
Thanks for the help.

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I recently got the hubitat and also a few of these buttons. How do I use all 6 different actions? When programming a rule, I can choose a button number, but it has only 1 button. Next I can choose pushed, held, double tapped and released. So far I only got pushed and held working. How do I use the double, triple and so on? It won't register a double tap in the logs.

If you are using the Hubitat button controller app, you need to make sure you have defined all 6 buttons. I am no longer using mine directly connected to the Hubitat hub, but if I recall correctly, the driver showed that 6 buttons were available. Make sure your ms shows this.

For reliable connection, I would recommend you use the Xiaomi button driver from @markus and ensure your Zigbee mesh has only Xiaomi compatible mains powered repeaters. No Zigbee lights in the mesh with Xiaomi devices, except for Sengled (which will not interfere because they don’t try to repeat Zigbee signals).

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