Anyone successfully automated a Samsung TV?

Are you saying you were able to get your TV working through Hubconnect without a ST hub, by just deleting some lines of code?
I agree that the documentation definitely implies that a hub is required.

Nope, haven't been able to get the TV connected and working. I only got as far as getting the code imported, finally, after figuring out that it pasted poorly. Sorry to make that confusing. I spent a couple of hours last night trying to get the TV connected and just can't figure it out. I may try again tonight but it's possible it just is one that can't be connected. Which would stink as I am NOT buying an ST hub only for that.

Interesting. Yes its not ideal, as it seems like a very basic device (TV on/off is all I seek as a minimum). Thanks for your efforts on it though.

Local driver available now.

Where to I find a Roku only driver, they all seem to be for LG TVs.

None of the Apps work on my 2019 model when I use that driver.

You have to be in the same room as the TV. I had to log off my router, log back in, get the IP address, then run Habitat on my tablet, phones work too and enter in the IP address then hit save. Your TV will them prompt you and you have to use the IR remote to yell it yes. It will only be on very shortly, next try a command and you will get another prompt, use the IR remote again to select yes, which is the default so just use the enter / OK key. it will then finally work but only after the TV is already power up, If you do not do this the TV will reject any attempt to connect. I had to go through the logs to figure this out. There are no instructions about this.

Yes, you can access some TV's without needing ST. I now use the Hubitat on my newest sets and the Logitech on my network connected pre-2016 set.

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But it is the same, a toothbrush is still a toothbrush of if it is labeled magic tooth clean 3000.

The ST hub died so I use the Harmony hub now.

I'm running hubconnect without a hub right now. Everything works as needed with my set up, no modifications needed. Although I think i did need it for the initial setup, but that hub is long gone now and it's still connecting through the cloud.

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