Anyone running HE on an USB Battery

Has anyone tried running HE on a USB Battery and trickle charge the battery to effectively run on a UPS?

I have run HE on a USB battery, but it failed when I started charging the battery.

So it would require a battery that can be charged and supply USB power while charging.

I have used a 10000mAh USB power bank without issues for the last few weeks. The power bank is always plugged in to the wall and the hub, so it stays charged all the time except for when I have unplugged it from the wall as a test. Not sure they can all charge while in use, but the one I happened to have does.


I've got my C-7 plugged into a small UPS (APC BE425M), which when on sale can be found for around $35. It's normally plugged in, but when I need to move the C-7 close to a stubborn device to include or exclude, it's easy to just unplug and carry around (and use a 25' or 50' ethernet cable to connect to a switch).

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I do this with my C-5 and my C-7. Works very well so long as your power bank supports powering while charging. I use one little 2000 mAh power bank containing a single 18650 cell for each, supplying a Trådfri repeater in line with the hub.

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One thing to be careful of when using a powerbank: While it may support pass through while charging, some do not work when the power is pulled from the powerbank, i.e. there is a split second as it switches the connected device from pass-through to the battery, which defeats the whole purpose.


I have a bunch of "bring your own 18650" charge circuits I bought a while back from the same supplier. In the mix are some which do this and some that don't, so it's important to test! Not going to bother your phone, but Hubitat won't like it. :slight_smile:

i have mine on a apc smt1500 smart ups.. no issue running on battery or not .


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I like the TalentCell mini-ups. You can run the hub, an RPi, and maybe a small 5 port switch.

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I do. I used to travel a lot so a good power bank was a must. Now it serves as a UPS for my HE hub. Mine is by Anker 24000mwh I think. I could charge my phone off it for four days.

The trick to finding the right model is to identify if it can charge/discharge at the same time.

I also have the talentcell UPS. Great device. Powers my Hub and a network bridge with ease as it's not converting power to AC but keeping it DC. Runs for a very long time.

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