Anyone knows how to get this aircon controller to work?

I have this z wave aircon controller added to me HE, but i am not sure how to control it.

[Aircon Remote Control - VidaByFermax]

Couldn't find anyways to work.

I’m guessing it will need a custom driver. Do you have any links to specs/owner’s manual?

I managed to screenshot these info from the device. Not sure if it helps? Anyway to check which driver is suitable to this device?

Microsoft Word - SiMPNiC_ SAC-01_Quick Installation Guide_V1.1_20190625(for VIDA).doc (

This is the installation guide, anyone knows if its workable with HE?

Document doesn’t seem to match the device details you provided (doc -> wifi, device details -> ZWave). Is there another document for the zwave model?

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Looks like it's been picked up (unless you manually assigned) as a thermostatic device. What drvier did it default to?

Hi thebearmay, it was detected as a Zooz Q Sensor ZSE11. I suppose it would be a thermostat with on/off/fan speed function.

Well it's not a ZSE11 :laughing:, so you might try changing the driver to the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat and see if that will give you some functionality. Even if it's partial, it could be a good starting point if something custom is needed.


Thank thebearmay, will try playing around if it works!

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