Anyone have experience with schlage zigbee locks?

Anyone have any experience with one of the new schlage zigbee locks. i've used the z-wave version for years, but we are changing our door hardware and i'm going to switch from the camelot to the century style. looks like there is a z-wave plus version finally too.

Anybody know if the zigbee model is compatible with the lock code manager? thoughts on reliability or battery life. my zigbee mesh is pretty strong.


It should be fine, we have many fingerprints in the zigbee driver. I have a Yale zigbee touch screen that i used when developing the built in driver.

I know there are users on here with Yale and Kwikset Zigbee versions. Not sure I've heard anyone with Schlage yet.

I love my Kwikset locks with zigbee.

Mike curious your opinion of zigbee vs zwave for locks. One of my Schlage zwave locks is on 6.6 firmware and if I upgrade which should I get.

At the transport layer, zigbee is more efficient than zwave S0, but as we know zigbee mesh can be a bit more fidgety. If you have a solid zigbee mesh, I would go that route. Community members that have switched modules have reported operational success.
Those that already have zigbee locks are mute, which is a good thing.


thanks for the input, guys. I think that seals the deal... i'm going to try zigbee.

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