Anyone have a couple of spare Sylvania Zigbee Flex XL strips they want to sell or trade?

Hopefully ok to post this here.

I installed 5 Sylvania 24 volt RGBW strips on a project last year and now finding i need to do another area directly adjacent and would be great to have the same color and light intensity in the 2 would really like to use the same product. The ones i have installed work flawlessly with HE so there's that too for wanting to use the same setup.

The kits i used prior were sylvania 73773 ( 24v power supply, 16' LWD strip and zigbee controller) I have a couple of spare power supplies and zigbee controllers from my 1st project so if i cant find the 73773 kits, i can just use the 74284 16 foot strips that come in the kits,. They are the zigbee flex XL.....pretty certain the XL in the description indicates they are the 24v..but sylvania makes it hard to truly determine what the heck the configurations are.

Anyway - need a total of 5 X 16 foot strips. I tried ebay and amazon but everyone is out of stock. Pretty certain LEDVANCE discontinued them. I'm sure there are others out there like me that buy more than needed and have something squirreled away in a fun drawer of they want to sell or trade for something


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