Anyone from AU?


I am looking for someone from AU to help me get this product and to whom I can ship this product.

Or you can collect it if it is in a nearby store. I can pay via PayPal or BTC, or USDT.

I will provide the shipping label from FedEx, and I can arrange pickup from your address to get it delivered to India.

I know at least one fellow

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Hums Qantas theme song…. :rofl:


There is a forum sub-category for Australian users:


Do you have any family or friends here that could post this to you? I reckon 1/5th of Melbourne residents are Indian these days. :rofl:

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As long as you're not afraid of snakes, spiders, crocodiles, and crazed wombats.


It's really only the hoop snakes and drop bears you need to be careful of.


I just had a look on the OfficeWorks website and those Yale modules are listed as “out of stock” so really not sure that you’d be able to get them.
I’ll give them a call tomorrow but usually the kids just look at the online store and so I’m expecting to hear them say “we’re out of stock”

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Thanks for the heads up. I am able to find out that one of my college mate is in Perth AU and I have ordered the one that is available in OFFICEWORKS. That is why you might see it out of stock.

Edit: it is available for shipping, may be out of stock for instore pickup.

Thanks all for your time and suggestions.

BTW the same module costing only 50USD being sold for 200+ USD in USA via other retailers. Luckily I am able to get one cheaper from AU.