Anyone ever take a spare hub on vacation?

Am going on vacation to a rental cabin. Thinking of taking a smart plug/light or 2 and my backup Hub, along with a couple motion sensors to use at night. Anyone ever done anything like this? I know the place has internet so assuming I can get to the local network, at least wifi.

I welcome any ideas, or advice based on experience.

Not no, but **** no. lol

That is the antithesis of vacation in my opinion.


Funny! I would have it all setup here, just have to plug it in.

Then go for it, I guess. You obviously would need something to connect the network side to as well.

I have not done that with one of my Hubitats... but I "sortof" did that with another hub I used to use. We had a travel trailer that I had a few devices mounted to (mostly door/window sensors) and I would have that hub for monitoring them while on vacations. Not so useful without a network connection from the trailer, but at least I could know quickly (if we were getting ready to leave the site for a day trip) if anything was left on/open that should not have been. Plus it could still control timers and such so we could always return after dark to a lit up space.

I will bring a cat5 with me. The cabin has internet and cable so I am hopeful to be able to locate the modem. I will have everything ding my phone so I should know if someone comes around. And at night I can trigger my zooz siren (yep, got an extra one of those too) and get woke up if there is a breach during the night. Oh and I also will have 4 dogs with me :slight_smile: not too much chance of surprises.

Then why have the siren? LOL



We cannot just let em roam the house in a rental. But yeah, not much gets by em

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Does my spare hub need some time off? Sorry, could not resist.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am right there with you @JasonJoel.

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