Anyone can suggest a PWS? More in comment

Ok so I been wanting to get a PWS even before I had a Hubitat or home automation. I've always been unlucky and always lived far away from airports or any other weather station so always had to rely on weather stations that were 10,20 or even 30 miles away from my house.
After I bought my house I figured that I was again far away from any PWS and I want to have my own.

I'm looking for a PWS that can be integrated with hubitat but I also want to be able to share the information with others. Definitely don't want something bluetooth or if i can neither WiFi. Zwave or zigbee? Do they even make those?
I'm hoping a package with all sensors and hopefully upgradable?

What do you guys recommend?

ecowitt works great and can add separate sensors i have this

and have added multiple wh31 temp/humit sensors and also a lightning sensor

i have a older zwave quibino .. cannot get the multi channel driver working wtith hubitat.. for sale if anyone wants it.

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Check out this thread and you can ask the developer, @mircolino, for more info. He's very active and very helpful.

A recent weather station integration that he added:

Also, recent thread w/just about the same question:

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I also have Ecowitt, The GW1003, it sends data to HE directly (no cloud integration needed) and also pushes to the Ecowitt site and to Weather Underground. I just share out the WU link for others to see as it updates in under a minute so is pretty spot on :slight_smile: Great weather station, lots of add-ons available and excellent driver from @mircolino

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@steveff What sensors does it come with and what other sensors are available for it?

gw1003 not avail in usa its exactly the same as the link i posted except that it has a differnt wind sensor as the one in the gw1003 is not avail.

Depends on what kit you buy, mine came with Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor (Wind speed, Gust speed, wind direction), That also does UV index and LUX calculations. Outdoor temp/humidity/pressure, Rain gauge, and indoor temp/humidity/pressure. I have added 6 soil moisture sensors, a lightning sensor and 3 more indoor temp and humidity sensors (one under the house used in the under floor ventilation rules I have). I will be ordering the CO2, PM2.5 and PM10 indoor sensor as soon as it comes out :slight_smile:

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I bought a tempest which I really like, except the rain gauge part of it. For that I bought an ecowitt that does my rain gauge and an ambient temp and humidity sensor under my staircase where I brew mead and have water barrels for my saltwater aquarium.

I really wanted the GW1003 because it has no moving parts but Ecowitt wouldn't sell it to me, not even to develop my driver. So I ended up getting a Tempest, which I now have mixed feeling about. Yes it's sleek with all sensors you might want in a single compact unit, but as a weather station? I'm not sure: light wind is all over the place and every time an Harley or a muscle car passes by, I get false rain and lightning notifications on my cell. :man_shrugging:t4:
If you can't get a GW1003, the true and tried GW1002 (or the HP2551 if you also want a panel) is the way to go IMHO.

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Rain is detected by vibration. I get rain alerts occasionally with high winds when the bar it’s mounted too shakes.

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Why is that anatometer not available in the US?

Ecowitt told me that Ambient Weather have the exclusivity here in US. But then again, you can't buy it from them either as it's always been out of stock.

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