Any zigbee /zwave line powered motion sensors?

Any zigbee /zwave line powered motion sensors that work with hubitat? Eg 120v or some low voltage solution? Tired of changing batteries

If there are line powered temp & contact sensors, I‘ll take those too.

Jasco/GE make a zwave switch/dimmer with a motion sensor that is exposed to Hubitat via @JasonJoel’s drivers.

There are other zwave multi-sensors that can be USB powered.

The Zooz ZSE18 & 29 can be run off of USB. I have an old GE motion sensor that runs off of USB and works fine with Hubitat.

I kinda hate changing batteries, so for most of my stuff I just solder a barrel plug to the battery connectors. Very YMMV but, 6v stuff tends to work perfectly fine using a 5v adapter. For 3v I'll usually drop the voltage with a buck converter or voltage regulator or something. Technically a power supply not accounted for could introduce some noise in the circuit. But whatevers.

I've wired these to a few of my iris zigbee V2 and V3 motion sensors. A bit of soldering and disassembly is needed, but seems to work well.

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