Any way to track driver / app usage?

I know "tracking" is a scary word these days. But honestly as a developer sometimes you just want to know how many people are actually using your work. Call it motivation. Back a long time ago I worked on some various plugins for an online game and I can still go check and see how many servers are still running those plugins.

So, I was looking to see if GitHub could provide anything useful for metrics on file access / downloads but it only seems to work for "release" downloads which wont really be used in this case.

My other thought was to use something like google analytics and have the drivers make a call out to a special URL upon install and once a week or something. I would probably make a setting to turn this off if people have an issue with it. Just looking to get a count of unique users and what drivers they are using. Has anyone tried this before? Any thoughts? I am afraid if I just go and add something like this in, people are going to freak out about it.

It would certainly be possible but I haven’t thought about doing it. For the most part things I’ve built are things that are useful to me. If others want to use them, great. If not, that’s great too.


That would be me. Maybe not freaking out, but I would find a way to disable that report somehow. That is one reason I use Hubitat, it doesn't have tracking in most everything I do. And I think it kinda goes against the principles of this type of local hub.

I get the sentiment, I am sure you want to put your time where it matters the most. I am not sure if there is a benign way to do this tracking thing, but from a developer perspective it probably would be nice to know.

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I think it was Cobra's apps that had tracking built into them. That way he could track how many people were using them and what to focus on.

Unfortunately he left the forums and set up his own site to distribute the apps so you would have to get an account there to access them.

From what I remember he was very open about it and there wasn't much push back from the community back then. But its been a while.