Any users of Centralite 3-Series thermostat with 2-wire gas heat?

I just got the Centralite 3-Series thermostat to replace my 2-wire thermostat that controls a gas heater and have it paired with my hubitat. In Hubitat, do I just need to set thermostatMode to 'Heat'? There are also modes on the Centralite itself, but unsure if I need to set anything there to tell it about my gas heater or if it becomes "dumb" once connected to hubitat.

Hubitat shows me that the unit reports a temp of 67.7, the thermostatSetpoint is at 68, but thermostatOperatingState just shows 'pending heat'. The variable lastRunningMode says "heat". Unsure if this is working or not.

Also, the devices is marked as 'Generic Zigbee Driver' even though I added with 'Find by brand' > centralite > themostat.

Two quick points:

  1. It sounds like you have the right driver, per list of compatible devices.

  2. The "pending" behavior is not unexpected, per this thread.

I remember being confused by the way that status is reported. It was never a big enough deal for me to monitor how it changes over a typical heating cycle. The most important thing - if you raise the setpoint, does the heater operate as expected?

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