Any new advice for the new hub registration issue?


I have a unifi system as well. I have multiple hubs on my network. I can tell you this is not normal. We need to get to the bottom of what is causing the issues on your network.

Are you using the new DNSMASQ option in the DHCP server options in Unifi or the original option?

I've responded to you via PM and hopefully we can get to the bottom of what's going on on your network. The only broadcast we do is respond to SSDP discovery requests.


Patrick, if it helps I still have my HE (C4 on last previous firmware) on my Unifi setup using dnsmasq.

I current only allow DHCP, DNS, and NTP to LAN LOCAL and the HE update port and 443 to LAN IN and out WAN OUT... having no issues or extra chatter from HE.


Thanks. Hopefully @originalme8 will follow up so we can get to the bottom of what's the source of his issue. I looked through all the tickets, never saw anyone report anything similar. Can't rule out bad hardware, but that typically isn't manifested in "broadcast" storms.


I agree, I don’t think I did anything special with the IoT vlan it is on. Pretty much everything outside of what I stated above is dropped.

I’m using HE on with USG Pro 4, USW-16 150W, and AC HD AP setup. I can take a look at it tomorrow because I am pretty sure I did set IGMP snooping and something else regarding broadcast and multicast.


@patrick just an update. I plugged it back in, and the rest of my network devices no longer dissapear when it is on the LAN. However, connection is still unstable when I navigate to the web UI. It seems to just completely drop connection when navigating the UI for anywhere from 10~45 seconds. It then comes back online and loads the page.

This morning when I went to access it, the UI began to load, but then it dropped. This time it doesn't appear to be coming back. I am going to power cycle it this afternoon and see if it comes back online.


Can you try a different switch? It seems like there is something going on there. Either another device on that IP address or a hardcoded port speed.

This is obviously not normal, so need to try to isolate potential network causes. Not ruling out the ethernet port on the hub or even a cable / connection...

But if you have another switch and/or even an old firewall to just isolate the hub and another computer with dhcp on firewall... I'd be curious if you can reproduce this issue. Even a cross over cable from a computer to the hub with internet sharing turned on...

Every device leaves the factory has been tested and setup over a network, so we know that the hub is working before it left.

I realize this is above and beyond, but the symptoms you are describing seem to be potentially related to something configured on your network.

Even just bringing it to a friend / relatives house and test if the same issue occurs would help to identify the potential source of the issue.


Hey Patrick, so I have moved this between two separate switches, and again nothing else on my network has this issue.

I have now reserved an IP for this device in DHCP and guaranteed that it does not conflict. It almost seems like the device gets taxed trying to do something and just goes offline to process for a bit.

This happens every time I add a new app/driver or modify a setting in rule machine consistantly.