Any Ideas why?

RM 5.1 (
I have rebooted, but have not tried a Soft Reset.

Creating a new rule:

Add boolean Hub variable trigger:

Look what happens to trigger when I set dimmer to Hub variable number:

Perhaps the Red "Not Installed" message is a factor?

Did you click "install Rule" ?

Yes, after installing it still has the very strange trigger. Standard-OnLevel is a number, not boolean. The trigger started off as FoyerMotion but changed when I added the action.

Can you recreate it or is it me?

Yep, I am able to recreate exactly the bug you reported using a virtual dimmer. The variable trigger changes when the Set Dimmer is added. Tagging @bravenel.

Tested on C-5,, RM 5.1

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I'm sorry, but what is the bug? How do I recreate it?

I found it. Setting a dimmer to a variable level changes the trigger, right?

Can get that fixed. Overloaded setting name, two uses stepping on each other.



Yipeeeee, its not me :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s you, but there is also a bug. Wow, that must have caused a bit of head scratching. What an odd bug.

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