Any ideas to link a dumb motion on/off switch

So we have a couple dumb undercounter LED light strips that we control with hand motions on this little built in motion sensor. If it’s removed from the circuit it’s just a simple on/off light I could control with a smart plug. I’m trying to decide if there’s a way to preserve the handwave switch function while also linking it to Hubitat to turn it into a motion activated room night light, and a remote switch. Any ideas? Adding power with the motion switch in place always defaults to off. Maybe one of those mechanical switch pressor devices would work? Looking for a simple and cheap idea, otherwise we will just suck up loosing the hand wave switch in favour of putting it on a smart plug. Could rig up my own motion sensor in a corner I guess, but I always like to preserve the tech I already have if there’s an obvious way to do so.