Any ideas on what I did wrong with this rule?

The fan won't turn off. Here's the log:

The sensor is an Aeotec Multisensor 6; firmware 1.14. The fan switch is a GE/Jasco 18756; driver: GE Smart Fan Control. The Aeotec driver is "AeotecMultiSensor6", C Steele -- v2.0.1

I don't see anything that should be wrong with the way that Simple Automation Rule was set up, so two ideas:

  1. Look at "Current States" on the device page for the Multisensor, and make sure you see at least "humidity" populated with some numeric (integer) value.
  2. I assume your Master Bath Fan device has both an "On" and "Set Level" command (not all fan devices --some use the "pure" fan capabilities) and that both work as expected if you try them from the device page, but it's worth checking.
  3. Try re-creating the rule as-is and removing this one, and seeing if the same thing happens.

If not, can you pinpoint when the error occurs? Like when the sensor's humidity value changes, maybe?

  1. It appears to be an integer value:


  1. It appears to support the necessary commands:

The error occurred ~.25 seconds after the sensor reported the limit value:

I'll rewrite it as a Basic Rule and see if works there. Note: This "Simple Automation Rule" had previously worked w/o issue. Not sure if it's an "exact" issue, but eventually I'll find out.