Any energy monitoring plugs that send instant power consumption?

Trying to setup an automation to turn down the lights when my TV is powered on, but the Z-wave plug I have the TV on only has the option to report changes every 5 seconds. This makes the payoff of the automation a little less exciting...

Anyone know of an energy monitoring plug that reports changes instantly?

What kind of TV is this?

I check the state of my TCL Roku TVs every second via an HTTP get. I make use of the response to determine whether they are in standby mode or on.

Samsung Q80T. I'm sure there's got to be a way to do that...

maybe look at this and see if it provides a way to know if the TV is turned on.

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Good thought, but I just tried it and while I can control it with this device driver, it doesn't report status updates very quickly if at all. Turning on the power with my remote and it sits there showing "off".

You could use a d1 mini powered form a usb port on the tv that calls back to HE when powered up.

I just tested this with tasmota on the d1 mni and it took ~1.5 seconds to connect to the wifi and report to HE it was on.

That will be fixed in a future version. The WoL capability has no response. Additionally, the remote commands have no response if there is not an error. Concept is the TV change is the response.

Thinking of the design, i will probably start the tv and immediately send a WebSocket connect. Then on successful connect, mark the TV as on. This will mean a 3 - 5 second delay (on my set).


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Actually, current code at my site sets the switch state to on immediately. I will modify the code to do what I said. That way, I know the ON worked.

Sorry, do you mean it should already be working, or that you're updating your driver code to make it work?

My Zooz Zen 15 reports pretty fast. It’s less than 1 second from when I start my dryer to when I get an alert that the dryer started via Laundry Monitor.

Thanks, ordered one. Wish they weren't so large, but beggars can't be choosy.

It is already so installed in Beta 1.2.1. I will update later to verify on before setting state.

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