Any easy way to upgrade prior button controllers to 5.1?

I am using Hubitat I created a new button controller for one of my Inovelli red dimmers switches with various combinations of the number of times the up (push) and down (held) button gets pushed. I had the pleasant surprise to see that these then appeared as children under the rule when I went back out. But I have 2 questions:

  1. I saw there were some new settings. Is there some place where they are all explained?

  2. Is there anyway to upgrade all of my previous button controller rules to 5.1 so their children also appear? I tried to go in and save one again, hoping that would upgrade it, but it didn't work.

Normally, I'd check the release notes or docs, or ask here if you aren't sure. But I don't see 5.x docs for Button Controller yet. Rule 5.x is pretty similar, aside from the fact that BC is restricted to button events as "triggers." The last few major version release notes are here or in the forum:

No; they don't change the app "version"/name unless they make changes such that older versions can't continue to run on the new code. But old apps will continue to work, so there is no reason to. One change in Button Controller 5 is that each set of button actions shows as its own "grandchild app," but you can continue to edit older versions by just opening the child app instead (which you can also do in the new version)--which used to be the only way it worked.

I really like the individual button pushes appearing as children and was hoping there was a way to upgrade so they would appear for all my switches. Oh well.