Any easy way to store copies of Rules (Paper, Screen Shots, etc?

After a year, I'm still struggling to document rules and changes in a concise logical way. Anyone found a "good" way to keep them for reference?

Rules can be exported, individually or collectively, as JSON formatted files, downloaded and stored offline. The downloaded files can be shared and/or imported.

The only thing I am uncertain of in the preceding sentence is whether the format is JSON or not.

A database backup is recommended before exporting or importing rules.

Edit - just realized my post referred to β€œstoring” roles and not documenting them. For the latter, I have used a combination of the built-in notes section, and log actions.


I guess it's just the "lab rat" in us, have to have proper documentation. JSON is a bit difficult to translate. I was just seeing if I had missed a easy way to keep a notebook of rules I have. Looking at cranking up a C7 next year and was hoping I had a reference at hand. Happy New Year!

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And you! And you're 100% correct about the lab rat bit!

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I have been documenting HA flows in an iPad /Mac App Simple Mind Pro.

But now I moving over to HE I am looking at using Node Red.

Not got into it yet, but my understanding is that as you create the rule you have it automatically documented, and stored separately.

Once I have finished migrating everything and replicated baseline functionality then I will spin up an old Pi 3 and try using node red for the more complex models.

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Not really interested in a different system, but it's good to know that there are other options. I'm sure somewhere in the HE office they document things and could write, or help the Community a template. Thanks!

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