Any developer's interested in making a GE SmartHQ app?

GE has released an API for their smart appliances. I have no idea how to code anything, so I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in developing something for it. I have the washer, dryer and dishwasher, and I am sure there are other members who have other appliances they would be willing to share access to for development.

I’d make a donation to anyone who can develop something that works. I currently use IFTTT and virtual switches for finished notifications, but there isn’t a way to trigger a start notification, which would make my setup more simple.

Here is a link to the API information.

And a link to an app developed for Home Assistant.

Is there a list of what appliances work with the SmartHQ API?

There’s a pretty good range, mainly laundry and kitchen stuff. I know my dishwasher, fridge, washer and dryer work with it.

All I really want to bring in is start and stop. Right now for the dishwasher I have a virtual switch linked to IFTTT that triggers a notification when it’s turned on by IFTTT, I have a contact sensor that turns it off after I open the door and empty it.

For the washer I use a z-wave power switch that can see power draw, that’s what notifies HE the washer is running, then I have a virtual switch linked to IFTTT to trigger when it stops. For the dryer I have a SmartDry to show it’s started, and that the washer has been emptied, and use another virtual switch in IFTTT to trigger when it’s finished. If I could get rid of IFTTT, and get rid of the SmartDry which is brought in via SmartThings, it would pretty much eliminate my reliance on anything cloud based, which is my goal. The only other cloud dependent things are my Ecovac vacuums, I have virtual contact sensor switches linked to Alexa that trigger them to run, and I have 3 other virtual contact sensor switches tied to Alexa to arm stay, arm away and disarm my alarm system.

Oh man, I would love this too. If I could implement it as a device, I would do it. But the API (sensibly) requires OAUTH for authentication, which means that doing it on the Hubitat side would require writing an app rather than a driver. That's a bigger task that I've never done before, and which I have no confidence I'd be able to do in a pretty and robust way.

Maybe one day if no one gets to it first...

I'm pretty sure it would be cloud-based still (if SmartHQ dies or stops working with GE, then this would die too); it just wouldn't depend on SmartHQ's cloud AND IFTTT.

I posted my SmartHQ integration here: Support for GE Appliances (SmartHQ) - #12 by tomw


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