Any benefit to linking xiaomi devices through a xiaomi gateway first?

Hi all.
I purchased a whole bunch of xiaomi sensors from someone getting rid of them (zigbee pains) . Included was a xiaomi gateway. Is there any benefit to using it alongside the hubitat?
Also, a question to further my understanding, if I'm using Ikea tradfri plugs to act as repeaters, do those need to be paired with the same hub that they are repeating for (e.g. Xiaomi if I used the hub) or can they be paired with the hubitat and still repeat for another hub?

I use Xiaomi directly with HE, you cant use and Xiaomi hub and HE together, as far as I'm aware. So if you pair to the Xiaomi hub, you'll need to only use that hub for those devices.
Any device wanting to be used for repeating purposes, should be connected to the same hub.

Thanks. I thought it may be able to work similar to HE working with the Hue bridge and offer some potential additional functionality.
I'll flog it and stick to HE

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depends how much "time suck" you desire. There is a Github project, called "Mi-Connector" that uses a raspberry pi and some drivers to connect xiaomi hub and its devices to hubitat. I couldn't get it to work, but others have got it to work.

Quick FYI: the xiaomi hub mobile app only works when the hub is connected to the internet / the xiaomi servers. So you'll also be sharing all your information with them if you use it. :joy:

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