Any battery events?

Is anyone else devices not reporting battery events?

Does the driver get the device to report it or is it something in the device firmware?

What devices are you talking about? To answer your questions, it depends on the device (whether it even reports battery level in the first place or can be configured to do so) and the driver (whether it parses battery events as such--Hubitat's stock ones usually do, and I'd probably say "always" for any officially supported device but can't really say that for sure).

I think most battery-powered devices I have send battery events except the Eria Remote/Dimmer. There are probably more that don't. If you think yours should but doesn't, try hitting "Configure" (particularly if it's Zigbee and you've changed the driver), or consider asking here about a specific device to see if anyone knows whether it's able to do so.

A couple hence the general statement.

All should, all supported and all using official drivers :grimacing:

Already tried, including removing and re adding.

Devices I have noticed so far are:

lightify ZigBee 4 button remote (see a 1st battery event on joining then never again)

lightify/ osram smart + ZigBee 3 button remote (see a 1st battery event on joining then never again)

Fibaro motion sensor (latest model with axis). See a 1st battery event on joining then never again. Using the default driver again. Not gone flat on me yet (that I know off) so may only report on battery change?

Aotec multi sensor 6. Using the default driver again. Just no report's, does it only report on a change?

This reason I started checking was my 4 button remote stoped working and it was the battery, but to me it still said 100%. It had never reported another value after the initial one.