Another zooz zen30 issue maybe

Trying to track down another possible zen30 issue. I have a simple rule set up in rule machine for testing that turns on a light then turns it off after 3 servings delay. Rule works.

I have a button controller set up for the relay (small button) that runs the rule actions on "hold" (double tap same behavior as described above)

In the HE web, triggering hold in the relay section runs the rule. Hold in the parent does not.

However, holds on both the physical dimmer paddle "up" (button 1) and hold on the relay button (button 1) both trigger the rule actions.

It seems there might be a disconnect somewhere... Maybe in my brain. How do you properly reference the button number of a "sub device"? Can anyone else with zen30 replicate this?? I'm on FW 1.05.

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