Another RM Rule with a missing condition, rule not working


Hello all,

Lately I have been seeing where some rules are not working and when I go in, there is 1 or more conditions that are missing in the Rule setup. Today I found another

@bravenel indicated, When you have a rule with a single condition, it autofills the rule on the main page. But, if you open the rule, as you show here, nothing is there. This is normal. The rule will still work. You could make a selection of the single condition in the rule, but it isn't necessary,

@bobbyD, Sure wish there was a fix for this or is there something going on with my setup? I'll send an email to support as well

Nothing fancy

Condition missing

I reset the condition in the rule, saved it and now it's working again



You have a Rule with MULTIPLE conditions, so Bruce's observation would not apply, I believe.

I think it's a bug too, but the part about it not mattering "rule will still work" is not about this particular Rule.

I've looked at 3-5 of my Rules and see the same:


I understand, was only trying to provide context with regards to what I have been seeing

What's weird is I haven't had an issue with Rules like this ever and I installed HE back in March

It seems to have started in the last week or so




I did a test by accident. I opened several Rules as I mentioned above and saw the condition was blank. There's nothing to show in a screen cap because it's just a blank/empty/unused page. There was only one condition and that's supposed to be the case where it doesn't matter.


The screen caps above show that prior to 7:31, the Rule was seeing the door open and close, yet there's no match in the Light's logs, til 7:31. And it was 7:31 that I "repaired" the Rule.

In other words, looking at the Rule, seeing it wrong, AND LEAVING IT THAT WAY (without clicking done - using the browser back instead) does cause the Rule to "fail".


The condition has 2 names in it, but the rule has 3. So it looks like you changed the condition at some point without going in and updating the rule. That's why it's blank.


Good catch. I didn't see that. @toy4rick used to have "Breanna" in the Condition, then removed. That would cause the condition in the Rule to be invalid, needing to be selected again.

I'm seeing missing conditions it in my Rules however. That Rule I pasted with "Illumination" and a Time-of-day is one I created 6 weeks ago and haven't touched between then and tonight. Yet the time-of-day is
missing in the Rule.

At least as troubling is my Single Condition Rule that seems to have failed because I looked at it. Schrödinger's cat !! :slight_smile:



Yes, thanks for catching that, what's interesting is I removed Breanna as a device about 4 days ago but the rule worked up until yesterday afternoon 5:35. Since this rule is connected to a door that is used 6-8 times per day that enables the garage door to be opened, there is no way it could have gone for 3 days w/o knowing

Here is the log for the outlet that gets turned on when the door is opened, the day before and before that look the same, working as designed. I found the issue at 5:35 and that is when I turned on the outlet via the app so my wife could come home

That's what got me looking at the rule

Thanks again